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Das Forum bietet für registrierte User VST(Effekte) und VSTi(Instrumente), die man nirgendwo im Netz findet. Diese kann man direkt downloaden. Einzelplugins: Bundles nach den Programmierer sortiert Da der Server ein Upgrade erfahren hat und ich die Seiten absolut werbefrei halten will, kann man die Plugin-Bundles nur dann runterladen, wenn man eine Spende macht.… Weiterlesen »

music-society presents Anvilia MM VSTi by HG Fortune for

music-society presents Anvilia MM VSTi  by HG Fortune for A fairly classic synth concept by HGFortune in a special version for hp:// featuring some peculiarities in detail. Instead of the Colorizer with HP filter of the regular version of Anvilia this one has got two Spook Effects to shape the sound even further with… Weiterlesen » presents Cantus by D.Instruments

Cantus 1 is a virtual analog Chorus-Voice-Ensemble. It produces sounds like chanting choirs or singing voices generated by analog synthesis only. You may also get pad sounds with different colourations and vintage touch. Shurely you know the old string-ensembles like „Solina Strings“, “Crumar”, “Logan Strings” or “ARP Quadra”. Many evergreen rock songs include the sound… Weiterlesen » presents Datura-Instruments RadaR

Datura-Instruments RadaR is a four dimensional Analog- & Digital-Synthesizer equipped with exclusive modulation possibilities. The combination of digital and analog processing provides a wide range of sound colours. The “north and south” modules play two analog voices each with a polyphony of 8 tones providing ring-modulation, phase-modulation and separate filters. The “east and west” modules… Weiterlesen »