Music-Society presents XM2 by LazyDog(2Lazy)

Music-Society presents XM2 by LazyDog(2Lazy)

[Bild: vzzSJ4jl.png]

x-mod/fm synth:

Osc 1 modulated by osc 2, or parallel (FM=0), FBack=strength (5 waveforms).
Simple AD envelopes for amplitude and pitch (a break from complex FM ‘ratio’ EGs…)
Top DCA EG is for main osc/OP/carrier A, and defines overall DCA/note length.
Lower DCA is for modulator OP B.
Pitch env has no effect unless switched on, and assigned ‘amount’, – or + (green buttons).
Filter (DCF) has full ADSR envelope. single or double serial operation (4 modes per stage).
Dual assignable keyscaling (-/+).
Velocity response on DCA, DFC, FDBK.
Modwheel assignable 10 destinations, obscurely indicated by 2-character LED (old school).

was 2016 in the FreewareVST in the Top 25

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