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Superior Feeling[2006]

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Ist seinerzeit mal nicht mit Cubase produziert worden, sondern mit Cakewalk Project 5, welches leider nicht mit der heutigen Hardware funktioniert. Man kann es zwar installieren, aber es startet nicht. Unter XP lief es noch gut It wasn’t produced with Cubase at the time, but with Cakewalk Project 5, which unfortunately doesn’t work with today’s hardware. You can install it, but it won’t start. It still ran fine under XP © Bam Dorner Productions 2006    

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Uralt bis alt

2006 hatte ich einen riesen Crash und so sind ein Haufen meiner Tracks leider für immer verloren gegangen und die Kopien die ich auf DVDs gemacht hatte waren nicht mehr lesbar Nun habe ich von der Frau meines verstorbenen Cousins, die CDs, die ich für ihn gebrannt hatte wieder bekommen. Die Qualität der Tracks sind nicht besonders, da ich 1998-2002 noch nicht soviel Erfahrung hatte, wie man einen guten Mix macht  

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Empfehlung: MARQUETTE – Into The Wild

MARQUETTE - Into The Wild

Studio Album, released in August 2020

This is the newest release in the PPR series of “introducing accomplished german music artists to a wider audience”.

Although Markus Roth is by no means a new or unknown name in his native prog scene. As keyboard player and occasional guitarist he is a member of not one, but two bands, both very different in style: Horizontal Ascension (melodic prog/rock) and Force of Progress (instrumental prog/metal/jazz fusion).With his third outfit MARQUETTE, he combines the styles of the other two bands, giving a harder edge to the tracks featuring vocals and reducing the number of notes played in the instrumental tunes, thus making Marquette more accessible to a “mainstream” prog audience. While the 2015 debut “Human Reparation” was a two-man project with a number of guests, INTO THE WILD has become more of a group effort, with Markus Roth still composing all the songs, but vocalist Maurizio Menendez providing lyrics.

INTO THE WILD was inspired by the life of Christopher McCandless, who travelled through the US with minimal equipment and no money, in a quest to become one with nature, but found a tragic death in the Alaskan wilderness. Story and music stand as „an example of the consistent search for oneself, for one’s own identity“ (Markus Roth).

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. No Answer (6:53)
2. Seven Doors (14:02)
3. Criminal Kind (3:47)
4. Alexander Supertramp (6:13)
5. Sensuality (5:24)
6. Portrait of Men (3:36)
7. Poisoned Homeland (4:40)
8. Into the wild (19:10)

Lineup / Musicians

Guitar and bass: Sebastian Schleicher
Guitar: Reiner Wendland (RIP my friend)
Drums: Dennis Degen
Vocals and lyrics: Maurizio Menendez
Sax on „Seven Doors“: Robin Mock
Trumpet on „Into the wild“: Art Lip
Keyboard and composition: Markus Roth

MARQUETTE – Into The Wild

First Way

© 2010 mit langen solo von der Frula   The frula (pronounced [frǔla], Serbian Cyrillic: фрула), also known as svirala (свирала) or jedinka, is a musical instrument which resembles a medium sized flute, traditionally played in Serbia. It is typically made of wood and has six holes. It is an end-blown aerophone. The frula is a traditional instrument of shepherds, who would play while tending their flocks.

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Winter and Legend

© Bam Dorner Productions 2010 In der Zeit hatte noch einigermaßen gut Flöte gespielt, was aus heutiger Sicht nicht mehr behaupten kann. Müsste täglich 2-3 Stunden üben, aber dazu fehlt mir die Lust und Energie. Man wird nicht jünger —————————————— At that time he had still played the flute reasonably well, which from today’s point of view cannot be said any more. I would have to practice 2-3 hours a day, but I lack the desire and energy for that. One does not get younger

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Music-Society presents XM2 by LazyDog(2Lazy)

Music-Society presents XM2 by LazyDog(2Lazy) x-mod/fm synth: Osc 1 modulated by osc 2, or parallel (FM=0), FBack=strength (5 waveforms). Simple AD envelopes for amplitude and pitch (a break from complex FM ‘ratio’ EGs…) Top DCA EG is for main osc/OP/carrier A, and defines overall DCA/note length. Lower DCA is for modulator OP B. Pitch env has no effect unless switched on, and assigned ‘amount’, – or + (green buttons). Filter (DCF) has full ADSR envelope. single or double serial operation (4 modes per stage). Dual assignable keyscaling (-/+). Velocity response on DCA, DFC, FDBK. Modwheel assignable 10 destinations, obscurely indicated…

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