First Way

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© 2010 mit langen solo von der Frula   The frula (pronounced [frǔla], Serbian Cyrillic: фрула), also known as svirala (свирала) or jedinka, is a musical instrument which resembles a medium sized flute, traditionally played in Serbia. It is typically made of wood and has six holes. It is an end-blown aerophone. The frula is a traditional instrument of shepherds, who would play while tending their flocks.

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Winter and Legend

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© Bam Dorner Productions 2010 In der Zeit hatte noch einigermaßen gut Flöte gespielt, was aus heutiger Sicht nicht mehr behaupten kann. Müsste täglich 2-3 Stunden üben, aber dazu fehlt mir die Lust und Energie. Man wird nicht jünger —————————————— At that time he had still played the flute reasonably well, which from today’s point of view cannot be said any more. I would have to practice 2-3 hours a day, but I lack the desire and energy for that. One does not get younger

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Music-Society presents XM2 by LazyDog(2Lazy)


Music-Society presents XM2 by LazyDog(2Lazy) x-mod/fm synth: Osc 1 modulated by osc 2, or parallel (FM=0), FBack=strength (5 waveforms). Simple AD envelopes for amplitude and pitch (a break from complex FM ‘ratio’ EGs…) Top DCA EG is for main osc/OP/carrier A, and defines overall DCA/note length. Lower DCA is for modulator OP B. Pitch env has no effect unless switched on, and assigned ‘amount’, – or + (green buttons). Filter (DCF) has full ADSR envelope. single or double serial operation (4 modes per stage). Dual assignable keyscaling (-/+). Velocity response on DCA, DFC, FDBK. Modwheel assignable 10 destinations, obscurely indicated…

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music-society presents Anvilia MM VSTi by HG Fortune for


music-society presents Anvilia MM VSTi  by HG Fortune for A fairly classic synth concept by HGFortune in a special version for hp:// featuring some peculiarities in detail. Instead of the Colorizer with HP filter of the regular version of Anvilia this one has got two Spook Effects to shape the sound even further with a different layout of modulations. Thus it is possible to mix four different soundlayers: direct out of the oscillators, Spook A, Spook B and filter. Among the 256 inbuilt waveforms are 32 image generated waves (as used within HGF’s Alien Space Weaver) with quite complex…

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Cantus 1 is a virtual analog Chorus-Voice-Ensemble. It produces sounds like chanting choirs or singing voices generated by analog synthesis only. You may also get pad sounds with different colourations and vintage touch. Shurely you know the old string-ensembles like „Solina Strings“, “Crumar”, “Logan Strings” or “ARP Quadra”. Many evergreen rock songs include the sound of this phenomenal vintage instruments. They are available as VST instruments in many versions at all. Cantus 1 is a bizarre sister of this string ensembles. Using the same basic idea it generates also polyphonic pads but filtered and modyfied to vocal formants. It produces…

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Datura-Instruments RadaR is a four dimensional Analog- & Digital-Synthesizer equipped with exclusive modulation possibilities. The combination of digital and analog processing provides a wide range of sound colours. The “north and south” modules play two analog voices each with a polyphony of 8 tones providing ring-modulation, phase-modulation and separate filters. The “east and west” modules are twice digital (soudfont compatible) sample players each with a polyphony of 8 tones including a factory sample bank of 128 sounds. For finishing the sound a Reverb, Delay and Phaser section is on board. The “scanner” works synchronized to the sequencer or host-tempo and…

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